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pension sharing reports

We provide pension sharing reports for family lawyers, mediators and their clients.

Why do I need a pension sharing report?

Don’t always rely on the Cash Equivalent Value (CEV) when comparing pension assets on divorce as the CEV may not represent the true value of a pension pot.

Pensions are complicated and are often the second largest asset after the family home, so it is important in many divorce cases to seek expert opinion on the true value of each pension pot.

The CEVs of defined benefit and defined contribution schemes are not usually comparable, and sharing the pensions based on the CEV may lead to an unexpected and unwanted outcome in the future. For example, sharing the CEVs on a 50/50 basis will not necessarily provide equal incomes for each party  in retirement.

Our pension sharing reports will show the true value of a pension fund so you can compare different pension pots on a like for like basis. We make recommendations for sharing the pension pots to ensure a fair division of assets in line with the agreed objectives, and can also make recommendations for an offsetting arrangement where non-pension capital is shared instead of pension sharing.


Why choose us?

Experts you can rely on


We are experienced pension professionals who have provided support and advice to family lawyers and their clients for many years. If you require a single joint expert to provide clear and authoritative direction on pension issues, we can help.


We deliver a prompt and efficient service with accurate reports. We know you work under pressure with tight deadlines so we will communicate clearly, respond quickly to queries and keep you updated at all times.


Our reports are concise and easy to read. Pensions can be complicated but we cut through the jargon with straightforward language that the layman can understand. You will find us friendly, approachable and easy to deal with.

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